About Us

Our Mission

 To help people improve their wellbeing by giving them access to quality therapies and practitioners

• To help practitioners reach a wider audience to showcase their business to its full potential

• To help employers improve the well being of their employees

• Good4all is here to benefit all- By improving the health and well being of individuals we can improve the life of individuals, families, communities and the country!

How to Buy the Perfect Gift Card


Purchase the giftcard via our website. Enter the amount and click 'Buy'.
Select if you buy for Someone else (default), or Yourself and fill in details.


Choose if the giftcard will be emailed (default), printed by yourself, or posted with AnPost (Note: €5 will be added for the physical card and P&P)


Click here to check our directory of wonderful practitioners and book directly with them.


The voucher is redeemed with the practitioner at the time of treatment, or time of booking.


At any point you can check our website to confirm how much is available on your voucher

About Sarah


My name is Sarah Breslin, the founder of Good4All. The idea for Good4All came from my 20 years of experience working as a practitioner. From working with clients and industry experts, I was able to see the power treatments had in maintaining and improving mine and my client’s health. For me, it became important to create awareness for those who may be less aware. Over the last few years, I have connected with many therapies and practitioners designed to improve not only your health & wellbeing but also the health & wellbeing of your loved ones, employees and clients. I cannot wait to hear your feedback, in the meantime thanks for stopping by and sharing the gift of wellbeing.