Mary Devine Reflexology

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16 Ballyderowen , Burnfoot, Co. Donegal F94, Ireland
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I’m a reflexologist based in Burnfoot, Donegal. Reflexology is a complementary therapy that aims to help the body heal by applying pressure to reflexes on the feet. Reflexology is a great way to relax, reduce stress, improve your sleep and boost your energy. You only remove shoes and socks for a treatment. I am a member of the Irish Reflexologist’s Institute Ltd (IRIL) which means that if you have a policy with any of the major health insurers in Ireland you could claim a refund on your reflexology costs. In addition, I am qualified in Thai Foot Massage. This massage combines flowing massage movements with the use of a Thai foot massage stick to stimulate areas of the feet and release blocked energy within the body’s Sens lines/meridians. Traditional Thai Foot Massage focuses on the manipulation of pressure points and energy lines to produce a therapeutic effect. It promotes deep relaxation and stress relief. It is a good choice of treatment for clients who prefer more massage than included in a Reflexology treatment. I also offer both Swedish Body Massage and Aromatherapy Body Massage.

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