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53 Floraville Avenue, D22 , Dublin, Co. Dublin D22, Ireland
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Nutritional therapy is the science of “let food be your medicine”. The right foods contain all the building blocks we need to restore and maintain optimal health. We all know what we eat impacts our weight and digestive tract (bloating, IBS etc.). But many of us do not appreciate the significant role our diet has on our mood, energy levels, our ability to cope with stress, sleep, metabolism and overall well-being. In fact, a poor diet can have a devastating effect on both our mental and physical wellbeing. But the good news is a nutritious diet can have the opposite effect! We have to eat, and we have to eat every day; so why not learn how to make dietary changes that promote improved mood and brain function, better energy levels and an overall improved quality of life? Nutrition for Life Ireland is about learning to work with our minds and bodies. That means supplying them with the nutrients they need to function optimally as well as avoiding or significantly reducing highly processed nutrient poor foods which are detrimental to our health.

Nutritional therapy consultations support improved physical and mental wellbeing in all areas of life including: weight, energy, digestion, mood, mental health, skin disorders, headaches, migraines, female hormonal disorders, diabetes, heart conditions and, memory loss

Contact me, Linda de Courcy, MSc. today to find out how you can learn to let food be your medicine.

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