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Terms and Conditions

Good4all.ie Gift Card – are the Gift Cards purchased from and/or issued by Good4all.ie a trading name of Antoon Consulting Limited.

Participating Partners – are the therapists/practitioners who are participating in the Good4all.ie Gift Card programme (referred to as “PPs”).

Customer – is a purchaser or holder of a Good4all.ie Gift Card.

Participating Partners
Good4all.ie Gift Card can be redeemed at any of our Participating Partners (“PPs”). A full list of PPs is available from the Good4all.ie website or by contacting Good4all.ie.

The Good4all.ie Gift Voucher Programme
Good4all.ie Gift Card may be redeemed for full/part payment against goods and/or services at any PP. Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash.
The Card is transferable by delivery. We will assume, unless otherwise advised, that the person using the Card is the rightful user of the Card.
Each PP will have their own terms and conditions which cover the use of their services and goods, such as cancellation fees and/or minimum cancellation periods. It is also at the discretion of the PP as to what services and products Good4all.ie Gift Card can be used against. Customers should make themselves aware of the PP’s terms surrounding the use of Good4all.ie Gift Card before making an appointment, as they will be binding on the Customer.
All bookings/appointments are made between the Customer and the PP directly. Good4all.ie accepts no responsibility and will give no refunds in the event that the desired PP is unavailable on the desired dates.

Expired Gift Card
PPs have the right to refuse Expired Good4all.ie Gift Card presented to them as form of payment.
Gift Card are valid for 5 years after the date of purchase.
All Gift Cards that have a date of purchase that is greater than 5 years before the current date are considered Void and under no circumstance can be redeemed or re-issued.

No Warranty
Good4all.ie provides no warranty for the quality, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose of goods or services purchased from PPs.

Good4all.ie will not accept any responsibility for claims, demands, losses, injuries, costs, expenses, or liability of whatsoever nature, consequential or otherwise, arising from or in connection with any transaction or dealing between a PP and the Customer or holder of the Gift Voucher.

Changes to Terms and Conditions
Good4all.ie reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions without notice. The up-to-date Terms and Conditions will be posted on our website, Good4all.ie.

Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Ireland.

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